Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ten Time Management Techniques to Increase Your Satisfaction

One of the most common challenges facing people today is finding time to do all we would like to do. Whether it's at the office, in the home or bringing up the family, the demands for our time will out strip the supply of time unless we time manage effectively.

Here are my Ten Top Tips to help you do this:

1. Plan out your day/ week/ month ahead. Be clear on what you actually would like to achieve and make a plan how to execute it.

2. Understand that time is just an illusion and it will rule us, until we learn how to go with the flow of time. By this I mean not to get caught up in the thought of time. By concentrating on the task rather than 'time', your task in hand will materialise, time will take care of itself.

3. List all the possible distractions that will cause you to 'time waste'. Awareness is halfway to solution. Know the distraction - know how to eliminate it.

4. List how you will stop yourself from being distracted - How you can counteract the time wasting so that you will remain focused on the things that really matter.

5. Decide as an agreeable exercise programme for yourself and use it to stay energized, focussed and efficient with how you use your time.

6. Learn when to say 'no' to others. Be clear about the difference between helping others and being taken advantage of. Helping others will inspire you - allowing yourself to be used will drain you of your natural energy.

7. Value your health and well being. Eat well, rest well and avoid negativity as much as possible. Negative people, stressful situations and feeling tired will all stop you from making the most of your time.

8. Time management becomes much easier when you are free from pressure and anxiety. Know what keeps you relaxed and happy and make time to accommodate this in your schedule. It will help you be more productive and efficient with your time too!

9. Whether it's the office, car or in the home, make sure you have a efficient filing or storage system it helps you find exactly what you need and when so that the task in hand gets done more quickly.

10. Remember to celebrate your successes. Acknowledge your achievements and enjoy the satisfaction that goes with it knowing your task is completed and on time. This develops new habits with the knock on benefits of completing your tasks in the future more easily too. Have fun!

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